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Danny Walker: Video

HD - Makin' Money on Late Night with Kilborn

Handsome Devil EPK

Handsome Devil - Bring It On

WANK is back - October 16, 2015

It's been a long time coming -
WANK has new music
WANK has a new video for "Wash Me in the Water" - WANK performs Saturday 10/17/15 @ the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa (more in Calendar dates)

Handsome Devil European Tour - January 23, 2008

Heroes and the Handsome Devil European Tour

Talking about Heroes and the HANDSOME DEVIL European tour (12/26/07-1/13/08)

I've got a lot of heroes to look up to. I never served in the military, but my father was a Marine – he served in Vietnam. His father served in the Navy. My mother's father, Jett, served in the Army, and he was killed in combat on Christmas Day 1944 in the Battle of the Bulge. I named my son Jett.

This European tour was my chance and Handsome Devil's chance to support our troops overseas. Our mission: Over 3 weeks, to thoroughly entertain US troops away from home with a rock n roll show that they'd never forget.

What can I say about the 3-week, HANDSOME DEVIL European Tour? It was great meeting so many amazing people, and we ripped the roof off of every joint we played – We brought the HD rock show to US and NATO troops based in Germany, Kosovo, and Bosnia. Each night, we played for 2 hours as opposed to our typical showcase of 45 minutes. We included some covers to keep things familiar for our brothers and sisters, including Devil went Down to Georgia, Won't Back Down, Break Up Song, Another Thing Coming, Working for the Weekend, Bette, Boys are Back in Town, Hurt So Good, Rock and Roll All Night, and many other shot-induced impromptu tributes – You get the point.

From George of the AFE, Brad at Edelweiss, JoAnne at Hohenfels, Marcus and Daryl at Bondsteel, SAMS at Film City, Chris in Sarajevo, to all of our contacts on and off base, we thank you so much for your help. We'd have been lost without you – Really.

The Bondsteel, Kosovo New Year's Ball and The Handsome Devil pub-crawl in Sarajevo, Bosnia ought to be annual events, as should the Stairmaster challenge in Frankfurt, Germany. And remember, beware of the HD Bon Jovi karaoke scam - it's as dangerous as a Donor-Kabob off the street at midnight – hard to swallow.

We bonded with our people. We enjoyed many shots, beers, other strong brews with our countrymen and women, and we honored their sacrifice and commitment and celebrated the challenges that our troops courageously embrace on a daily basis. We screamed THANK YOU. We had a great time, and we met some truly amazing people on our journey.

Let's face it, sometimes their contribution gets taken for granted when we go about our lives here in the States. I met a young soldier who lost 4 friends from his unit on his first tour in Iraq. He's got their names tattooed on his forearm – his heroes. They will be remembered.

To all of our heroes - God bless them all.

Peace Out,


Danny Walker releases the DEMISE OF JOHNNY CREEPER to iTunes - June 17, 2007

Danny Walker
The Demise of Johnny Creeper

“It’s time you made your mark, saddle up and ride into the dark, and when the arrow pierces your black heart, let’s tear this place apart…” – Go!

Radio unfriendly, raw cuts from Danny Walker (singer/guitarist for the Southern California rock band Handsome Devil) screech, hiss, and pop on his forthcoming solo release: The Demise of Johnny Creeper. This story telling collection may play well to the audience the record will target – Handsome Devil (punk influenced rock a la Social Distortion and Rancid) fans with a hankering for something new and different. Walker outlines the story, in short, “A rocker learns hard lessons while chasing a dream, and when he gets what he wants, he realizes the sweetest part is not the prize, but rather the journey getting there. The party may not be all it’s cracked up to be folks, so enjoy the ride.”

Demise features eleven songs as Walker’s lyrics spin, exploring themes of hunger, determination, despair, rage, redemption, and hope. In the reflective song Getting By, Walker barks, “Seven days the rain she pours, and after that come seven more, discovered things are tough all over, I got a head full of dreams and a face full of scars, bought me a ticket, one-way to Mars, but I’ll be back this time tomorrow…” While in the title track, Johnny Creeper, the story turns, “Now Johnny’s on the run, strung out, he don’t love ‘no one, he says it’s all about the drugs, man…”

In a dream world, Walker would have loved to track all of these songs at a big studio with his band, Handsome Devil, bringing in his idols like Mike Ness, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, or the late Joe Strummer, to help tell the story. In the real world, these are raw, unpolished recordings from Walker’s own studio, and they are clearly not produced for radio. Screamers like Louisville Slugger, Long Legs and the speedy anthem, Coming ‘Round Again, don’t fit with the current direction of modern rock radio, which may not be a bad thing.

As for live shows in support of this, don’t hold your breath, as Walker has no plans to promote this record with a tour. The Demise of Johnny Creeper has been released directly to iTunes, as Walker shares, “I wanted to simplify the process, release the songs, and allow fans to nab the songs they like. If you get the whole thing – great, or if you just pick a few – that’s great too!”

Lit special guest Danny in Chicago - March 19, 2002

Wank/Dita Von Teese - Forgiven - March 31, 1998

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